Year of Hamilton

Year of Hamilton

In addition to the Hamilton Was Here experience, the Museum’s core exhibition will feature nearly 30 Hamilton-related artifacts, including objects on loan from the New-York Historical Society, the Library of Congress, and the Philadelphia History Museum: an 1825 portrait of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton; letters written by Alexander Hamilton at Valley Forge; a 1775 edition of one of Hamilton’s first political pamphlets The Farmer Refuted; and a sword that belonged to Tench Tilghman who also served General Washington as an aide-de-camp. In the Museum’s lobby, visitors can pose with life-size bronze statues depicting Hamilton’s fatal 1804 duel with Aaron Burr.

As well, the Museum will offer “Year of Hamilton” programming, which will include a range of special events and programs dedicated to exploring Hamilton’s life and legacy. Visitors can enjoy walking tours, after hour programs, speaker talks and much more!

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