Revolutionary Summer

Make the most of your visit to the Museum this summer! Check out all the fun activities and special programs happening at the Museum every day. 

In the Galleries

Museum Exhibits

Climb aboard the privateer ship in the "War at Sea" gallery and hear stories about John Ingersoll, Jacob Nagle, James Forten, and other revolutionary privateers. Learn how to muster for battle from a soldier of the 3rd Virginia Regiment outside the Battlefield Theater and enter the front lines at the Battle of Brandywine. 


People of the Standing Stone

Screening at 11:00 am | Liberty Hall

People of the Standing Stone/The Oneida Nation, The War of Independence and the Making of America explores the crucial but little known history of the extraordinary contributions of one Native American people who chose to commit themselves to the Patriot cause when nearly all other tribes fought on the side of the British during America’s War for Independence.  

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Revolutionary Philadelphia!

Patriots Gallery

Try your hand at flag design, cartridge-making, or play with some historical toys. Guests can explore soldiers’ tents, try on reproduction uniforms and civilian garments, and make a ribbon to like General George Washington’s ribbon to take home.


Summer Soldiers and Sailors

Throughout the Museum

Guests are invited to choose a branch of service and sign their name to a takeaway card that features a privateer ship letter of marque or soldier’s enlistment notice.


Discovery Carts

Throughout the Museum

Have some hands-on fun when you inspect a reproduction soldier’s cartridge box or learn more about Washington's Tent.  Find a Discovery Cart in the "Arms of Independence" Gallery and at Washington's War Tent Theater. 


Meet the revolutionaries!

Declaration of Independence Plaza

Meet an American soldier, a wealthy Quaker woman, or a runaway servant and hear more about the people and everyday life of the Revolutionary War period. Costumed historical interpreters will be outside on the Plaza every weekend, weather permitting.


Philadelphia: A Revolutionary City

2:00 PM | Liberty Hall

What can a broken punch bowl, unearthed on the site of the Museum of the American Revolution, tell us about life in Philadelphia in the eighteenth century? Philadelphia was a complex place where global trade brought new goods and new ideas and where people from all walks of life became revolutionaries. By following one artifact across the city, guests will find themselves in market stalls, coffeehouses, illegal taverns, churches, and the halls of government.